Lavender Oil for Foot and Toe Blisters

lavenderWhy is it that the cutest women’s shoes are always the most uncomfortable? So a few days ago this was exactly the case for me, and after a couple hours of wearing heels, I ended up with two fat blisters (ouch!), one on each big toe. So instead of going straight for my Neosporin, I decided to try an oil remedy. I looked it up in my nifty oils book, and read that lavender oil was recommended to alleviate blisters.

Before applying the lavender to my two blisters, however, I figured let me make a quick “clinical study” out of this situation! So I only applied the lavender oil to one of my blisters (the one on my right toe) and left the other one alone with no applicatio at all. That night, I noticed that the blister on my left toe (sorry for the gory details!) had actually burst, the liquid had drained out, and the raw flesh underneath was now (painfully) exposed. My blister on the right toe, which I had applied lavender to (1-2 drops few times throughout the day), had not burst. Instead, I could tell the liquid that was underneath it from earlier in the day was not there anymore! The squishiness of the blister was gone, and I couldn’t feel any liquid underneath.

The following day, I noticed that the slight ring around the blistered area on my right toe was gone and there was no residue of a blister at all! No scab, no peeling off of the skin, nothing! I was truly amazed. It’s been 4 days since I had first applied the lavender oil to my right toe blister, and my left toe blister is still a scabbed-mess.

It’s safe to say I proved to myself just how effective lavender oil is on blisters, and I will allow myself to start applying amazing lavender oil to my scabbed-up blister on my left toe now! You know, sometimes you just have to treat yourself as the guinea pig to discover more amazing and beautiful uses for these fabulous oils!

Would love to hear your comments, questions, or similar experiences you may have had using lavender oil =).

7 thoughts on “Lavender Oil for Foot and Toe Blisters

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for this. I had some blisters that I was hoping to get rid of quickly. I put on some lavender oil that I had mixed with a carrier oil and after five days the blisters are still very full but the soreness and redness went away right after the first application. Which was helpful as I could again put on my flip flops and walk without pain.

    • Love For Oils says:

      Hi Debbie.. thanks for your comment! Did you use doTERRA lavender? Also I wouldn’t dilute it at all with carrier. I would apply it ‘neat’ (which means no dilution) directly onto the blisters. And the key is several times a day, especially at night before bed so your skin has the entire night to heal. It’s SUPER important to use therapeutic grade essential oil, which really there are only a few brands out there that have near that quality. doTERRA is def my fav of course.. but you gotta be super picky on what you put on your skin. After all, it’s your body’s largest organ!

  2. Theresa says:

    This is my first blister, and I got it from a pair of sandals, that rubbed my left foot, in the wrong way. I tried to cover it with a band aid, and its kept from popping, but it’s not getting better! Do you like Young Living oils?

    • Love For Oils says:

      I’ve never used Young Living Oils.. but honestly after seeing the phenomenal results of doTERRA I have so much brand loyalty. In any case, lavender 100% pure certified therapeutic grade essential oil is AWESOME for blisters. make sure to apply NEAT (straight on the blister, no dilution). As far as organic, since there is such a variety of standards from country to country (doterra essential oils are sourced from the country they originate from / are native to), it’s difficult to label the oils as “organic” and be consistent/compliant. That being said, ALL doTERRA essential oils are sources and farmed utilizing standard organic farming/agricultural practices and methods. Hope this helps!!

    • Love For Oils says:

      Well Lavender is phenomenal for supporting skin functions.. so it creates a natural protective barrier for the skin, allowing it to get better evenly and reduce chance of scarring.

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