DIY Garbage Disposal Refresher Tablets, using Essential Oils

I’m in love with making my own cleaning products at home, which are not only chemical and fume-free, but also effective at what they do.  Also, I’m saving a ton of money doing this.

So this “recipe” is a favorite of mine, and of my friends for whom I’ve made several batches of these cleaning bad boys for.

So I know I entitled this post for “garbage disposal refresher tablets”, but other than this use, I also use these for degreasing my pots and pans.  These tablets were a life saver during the holidays that just passed, because I used them in my turkey roaster, in my baking pans, etc. and they made the dreadful cleanup after the huge feasts much more manageable and quick.

So here is the recipe:




1.  Combine the baking soda and salt in a bowl.


 2. Combine the castile liquid soap with the essential oils (Note: feel free to change the types of essential oils used, just keep in mind that lemon and/or lemongrass are effective for cleaning, and also have strong, pleasant scents)

3.  Add the soap and essential oils mixture to the baking soda/salt bowl.

4.  Add water, 1 tablespoon at a time, to get a consistency of “damp sand.”  The baking soda mixture should hold together when pressed into a ball or shaped with a spoon.  If it is still a bit crumbly, add a little more water to get the desired consistency.  If you have added too much water, just add a bit more baking soda and salt to your bowl.




5.  Double-Line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper.  Using a 1 a mini scoop (1 Tbsp), scoop up the ingredients and place onto the wax paper.  NOTE:  it’s best to press the scoop against the side of the bowl, so you can pack-in the ingredients tightly.  This will prevent the tablet “balls” from falling apart later on or crumbling.  Using a spatula, you can scrape the under side of the scoop “flat”, so that the tablets can rest evenly and flatly on the wax paper.

6.  Allow tablets to air dry for 24 hours (36 hours is ideal) so that they can harden and hold their shape.


7.  One batch will make approximately 42-44 tablets.  Store in an air tight container, and use for refreshing you garbage disposal by placing 2-3 tablets in the disposal, run some hot water, and turn on the disposal.  Enjoy!

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