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Few weeks ago my son had an accident while playing limbo with his cousins. I’m so thankful nothing happened to his eye. I’m also very thankful that I had my Doterra oils on hand. I automatically put Melaleuca to disinfect the area; then I dabbed a 1-2 drops of Lavender to help stop the bleeding. I was so glad that I had received my order in that day and I had Correct X in it.

correct-xFor those of you who are not familiar with Correct X, it’s doTERRA’s new anti-biotic/anti-microbial ointment which is ideal for wound care.  The main essential oils in Correct X are: Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Cedarwood, and Lavender. All oils provide quick skin recovery. Cedarwood also promotes healthy clear skin, Frankincense helps reduce the appearance of scars, and Melaleuca cleanses and rejuvenates the infected area on the skin. A little history on Frankincense. It is sourced from Oman, India,  Somalia, Yemen, and other parts of North Africa. In 3000 BC, Frankincense, often called liquid gold, was valued more than gold and was a holy oil. Melaleuca on the other hand comes from Australia, also known as Tea Tree Oil. Melaleuca has over 92 different compounds and endless applications.

Once I got home I applied Correct X every few hours to keep the area moist. Within 12 hours or so there was already a difference, the middle picture, on the second day it was almost all gone, third picture. Now I barely see it when I look at him. I love my Doterra oils and I’m so glad I found it and brought it into mine and my families life. 

doterra correct x


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16 thoughts on “Correct-X: My new favorite Product

  1. Chelsey says:

    Hello I am just wondering if you can even see a scar now? My son had an accident and had to have three stitches a few days ago and I am thinking about trying this.

    • Love For Oils says:

      Hey Chelsey.. actually there was no scar even the following week after this accident. Recently my daughter split her ear running into the side of the car door, and by the time we got to Children’s Hospital, doTERRA frankincense oil had stopped the bleeding, sealed the wound, and closed the lacerated gap between the parts of the skin ear which had been split. Docs there were pretty amazed!

  2. Erickka M says:

    Hi will this help reduce scars? I recently was in a car accident and my forehead busted open, the stitches are now out. I am looking for something to help with the ugly scar that I’m sure the gash will leave behind 🙁

    Thank you!

    • Love For Oils says:

      Hi Ericcka… first of all I’m so sorry that happened to you, what a terrible accident. Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤️ . Secondly, YES correct X is perfect for that. However, for better results, I highly recommend layering oils in a skin-recovery protocol. The oils would be (please note I am only referring to doTERRA oils, since they are therapeutic grade): (1) melaleuca which is a natural anti-septic; (2) lavender; (3) frankincense, and optionally, but HIGHLY recommended, (4) helichrysum, as this oil is phenomenal for supporting skin healing. Then seal that all with the correct X ointment. For layering oils, you just added few drops and continue with the next oil, and add the drops right on top of the previous drops. (see Hope this helps! (Note: your order is on it’s way already!)

        • Love For Oils says:

          You can apply many of them undiluted, but in small volumes (like half a drop each). You can also dilute on initial applications to be safe. We recommend diluting with doterra’s fractionated coconut oil.

  3. Kendra Kingsley Young says:

    Hi! My son had a deep gash that was glued a couple of months ago and now has a red scar on his cheek. Would any oils help diminish the appearance at this point?

    • Love For Oils says:

      Yes.. definitely. We recommend layering oils for added benefit and results. Good protocol is layering: lavender, frankincense, and helichrysum (our top pick for skin healing), and then sealing it with correct x of course. Repeat 2-3 a day, especially before bed. If your son if less than 5 years old, you can start by using diluted oils first.

    • Love For Oils says:

      Frankincense is great for (1) reducing inflammation at the site of the scar and (2) helping with the pigmentation and evening skin tone of the scar. Helichrysum is great for the appearance of the scar, hydrating the newly growing skin in the area, and expediting the overall process. We highly recommend applying the oils in a layered fashion, multiple times a day, and then sealing on top with correct-x ointment.

      • Abby Shintaku says:

        Great! Thank you for all the info. How many drops of each should I dilute in 1 tbsp carrier oil for an 8 month old? Do I apply the oils all at once or separately?

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